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An Overview of RRTS’ Earnings over the Past Decade

Roadrunner Transportation Systems

An alumnus of York University with an MBA in corporate finance, Chris Jamroz functioned in associate capacities with Merrill Lynch and Scotiabank before becoming an executive with J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., where he helped establish its Canadian Corporate Finance practice. Now focusing his professional efforts in logistics, Chris Jamroz serves as the CEO of STG Holdings and was recently nominated as a new member of the Board of Roadrunner Transportation Systems (RRTS).

Despite RRTS’ Q1 2019 revenue being at a $60 million shortfall compared to the consensus estimate, the $507.1 million it reported during that time is still the sixth-highest figure per any quarter since 2011. RRTS posted $551.5 million in revenue during Q4 2018, but its performance was hindered during Q1 2019 due to a drastic revenue decline in its Active On-Demand ground expedite business segment and lower-than-average capture rates on its aircraft fleet due to maintenance and availability.

RRTS’ highest-ever revenue per quarter was in Q1 2018, when it reported $570 million in revenue compared to the consensus estimate of $475.6 million. Save for two quarters for which figures are unavailable via Street Insider, the company has reached at least $460 million in revenue every quarter since Q2 2014. This is especially significant given it recorded less than $100 million in five of the prior 13 quarters.

Roadrunner Transportation Systems’ New Board Nominee Chris Jamroz

With more than two decades of finance and logistics leadership experience, Chris Jamroz serves as the CEO of New Jersey-based STG Holdings, which boasts more than 4 million square feet of warehouse space in the United States and offers logistics services such as distribution, multi-vendor and time sensitive inventory management, and high SKU count. Supplementing his executive role with STG, Chris Jamroz was recently nominated to join the Board of Roadrunner Transportation Systems (RRTS).

RRTS CEO Curt Stoelting announced the nominations of Mr. Jamroz and Don Brown in connection with his comments concerning RRTS’ Q1 2019 revenue report. During that period, the company reported revenue of $507.1 million, which represents a shortfall relative to the $569 million consensus estimate. According to Mr. Stoelting, Mr. Jamroz and Mr. Brown will support company efforts to optimize growth through its long-term focus and various business plans.

The two new prospective board members were nominated following news that three of RRTS’ current directors, Michael Ward, John Kennedy III, and William Urkiel, resigned as part of a company-led board transition. Beyond his leadership of STG, Mr. Jamroz functions as the chairman of the secure logistics company CMS Info Systems and served for seven years as the head of the Canada Corporate Finance practice at J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. Mr. Brown, meanwhile, is a former executive with FedEx who spent two decades with the shipping and logistics company.

York University Program Gives Monetary Awards to Start-Ups

LaunchYU pic

As the chief executive officer of St. George Logistics Holdings, Chris Jamroz leads a company that operates the most extensive network of independent container freight station facilities in North America. Chris Jamroz earned a BA in business studies from Birmingham City University in the United Kingdom and an MBA from the Schulich School of Business at York University in Toronto, Ontario.

York University’s LaunchYU operates a four-month program called AccelerateUP that gives entrepreneurs guidance as they develop their business ideas. Offering a number of awards to fund promising ventures, AccelerateUP has granted awards of $3,000 each to several start-up companies, including:

Blade Filters, a business that develops carbon air filters with a replaceable carbon cartridge;

Nugget, a talent discovery platform on which companies can create their own task-based assessments to gauge potential employees’ decision-making process; and

Candy Cutlery, the first brand to develop eco-friendly edible utensils that have the potential to reduce waste in the food service industry.

The Expansion of Emergent Cold


Emergent Cold – An Expanding Global Cold Chain Company

Chris Jamroz
Chris Jamroz

Chris Jamroz is a well-established logistics executive who leads STG Holdings, LLC, a company that offers a full spectrum of container freight station solutions. Among Chris Jamroz’ responsibilities is as a board member of Emergent Cold, which has developed a temperature-controlled storage platform that facilitates distribution activities across the global cold chain.

First established in Australia, Emergent Cold has become a market leader in Vietnam and backs its services with 40,000 pallet capacity in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. In total, the company has a capacity of more than 300,000 pallets and maintains temperature-controlled space of about 75 million cubic feet.

A current focus for Emergent Cold is on expanding into new markets worldwide, and the company has undertaken integrated new developments and acquisitions across emerging and established markets. In the process, the company is becoming a valued partner among myriad businesses that wish to take advantage of a streamlined and efficient international transportation and storage network.