Consolidation and New Efficiencies Emerge in the Shipping Industry

STG Holdings, LLC pic
STG Holdings, LLC

Chris Jamroz guides STG Holdings, LLC, and coordinates North America’s largest independent container freight station (CFS) facilities network. Chris Jamroz’ team maintains more than 4 million square feet of dedicated US warehousing space to provide distribution and time-sensitive inventory management solutions.

Trends impacting the shipping industry in 2017 include increased consolidation amidst a landscape of falling rates for freight shipments and a renewed focus on the bottom line. With seven major companies controlling nearly two-thirds of the world capacity, the focus is on synergies that enable costs to be kept to an absolute minimum and developing new efficiencies.

Vessel-sharing agreements that involve major partnerships between players such as Transport High Efficiency, 2M Alliance + HMM group, and Ocean are underway. These agreements will engender changes in vessel routing and terminal location while also highlighting a need for flexibility in all aspects of the shipment process. One key readjustment already underway is for capacity growth that is more closely tied to traffic and demand, in ways that improve responsiveness to the actual flow of goods.


STG Acquires Extra Express

St. George Logistics pic
St. George Logistics

A recipient of the Florida Governor’s Business Ambassador Medal, Chris Jamroz is a logistics executive in North America. Currently, Chris Jamroz serves as the CEO of St. George Logistics Holdings and the Executive Chairman of St. George Logistics (STG), the largest provider of outsourced customer freight station (CFS) services in North America.

In May 2017, STG announced it had acquired Extra Express, a division of Dicom Transportation Group, in order to complement its full range of logistics services with last mile delivery solutions. Extra Express provides warehousing and delivery services to corporates in California. It operates four warehouses and has a delivery fleet of over 300 vehicles. STG will integrate Extra Express’ network with its own, achieving a last mile delivery service to serve the California market.

The acquisition means STG clients on the west coast will enjoy a closed-loop range of services from drayage, to warehousing, to intermodal transportation, and finally to last mile delivery. Its customers will no longer have to hire third-party transportation companies to deliver products from STG warehouses to their doorsteps; STG will do that for them. Fulfilling customers’ logistics needs will be faster, easier, less expensive, and more integrated with STG’s existing services.