Useful Tips for Downhill Mountain Biking

Downhill Mountain Biking pic
Downhill Mountain Biking

The leader of North America’s largest network of container freight station (CFS) operators since mid-2016, Chris Jamroz serves as the president of STG Holdings LLC. Capitalizing on several years of business leadership experience, including in high-level positions at JPMorgan Chase and Scotia Capital, he ensures that the firm offers quality logistics services to its clients. Beyond this, Chris Jamroz enjoys mountain biking. Here are some tips for new downhill mountain bikers.

Have the right gear. Downhill mountain biking comes with its hazards, and you may experience serious injury if you come off the bike and don’t have the right gear to protect you. Wear a full-face helmet, supplemented with armor that includes knee and elbow pads, a reinforced cycling jersey, and full-finger gloves.

Tough spots. If you hit a rough spot and feel you may lose control of the bike, keep neutral pressure on your handlebars and allow the bike to follow its most natural path while you steer away from obstacles. Avoid jamming on the brakes, as this may cause an accident due to the suddenness of the stop.