Chris Jamroz Believes in the Value of Mentorship

Mentorship pic

As CEO of St. George Logistics Holdings, Chris Jamroz possesses business experience and expertise in the logistics and financial sectors. Chris Jamroz has been a lifelong advocate for furthering education and is a tenured mentor with the Schulich School of Business at Toronto’s York University.

Mentors at the Schulich School of Business interact directly with a student one-on-one. Mentors share industry insights, give professional advice, and help students advance their time management and communication skills. Mentors also provide guidance regarding job search strategies.

The mentorship program at the Schulich School of Business operates throughout the academic year. Students and mentors are encouraged to meet a minimum of four times over the course of the program. Throughout this time, students and mentors also meet at specific events where they can share ideas and experiences.

Mentoring provides both personal and professional value for the mentee and enables the transfer of knowledge from someone with much greater experience. An ideal mentoring relationship is one in which the parties feel a positive camaraderie and they both gain valuable insights and new perspectives.