How to Properly Delegate Tasks to Your Team

Chris Jamroz
Chris Jamroz

For the past several years, Chris Jamroz has led STG Holdings, LLC, as CEO. Based in New Jersey, this company maintains independent container freight station facilities for container freight transported by sea and air. Prior to this, Chris Jamroz held multiple other leadership positions and successfully oversaw the work of several thousand employees.

Good delegation is an important skill for managers and other leaders. Several considerations related to proper delegation include:

Providing training. Ideally, you want to delegate tasks to people who can already perform them. But you cannot assume someone has the knowledge to complete a task you give them. Instead, make sure training and resources are available to people when you assign them a new task. This not only expands their skill range, but it also betters the chance that tasks will be finished in a timely and accurate manner.

Letting go. One of the reasons leaders decide not to delegate is because they struggle with removing themselves from the work. However, letting go of certain tasks can help you get more done. Start by delegating small tasks and work your way up from there. Over time, you will learn that you can trust your team and you will discover the skills your co-workers have. At the same time, make sure you don’t over-delegate and assign tasks to others that you should be doing yourself.

Using feedback. Both you and your workers should provide feedback about the delegation process. For you, make sure you thank your workers when they do a good job on a task. If they fall short, give them constructive criticism. At the same time, encourage your workers to share their thoughts about your delegating abilities and whether they felt everyone got the right tasks and had the resources they needed.


STG Appoints Tracy Leinbach to its Board


Chris Jamroz’s Appointment to the ROM Board of Governors

Chris Jamroz
Chris Jamroz

The CEO of St. George Logistics Holdings and the executive chairman of St. George Logistics, Chris Jamroz brings more than 15 years of leadership experience to the New Jersey-based company, where he oversees the largest network of independent container freight station facilities. Outside of his professional endeavors, Chris Jamroz supports the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), where he accepted an appointment to its board of governors in March 2017.

A federally incorporated private sector group, the ROM Board of Governors maintains the museum’s long-term financial stability and provides management for financial assets. In addition, it facilitates the museum’s growth. The board members are dedicated volunteers committed to ROM’s well-being.

Previously, Jamroz served on the museum’s board of trustees from 2010 to 2016, during which time he applied his executive and international talents. ROM Governors president Susan Horvath was pleased to learn of the addition of Jamroz to the board of governors, citing his generous contributions and time commitment.

ROM is among the world’s leading natural history and world culture museums, featuring more than art, archeology, and natural science galleries. Well-regarded around the world, the museum focuses on research and the communication of natural history and world cultures.

To learn more about Jamroz’s appointment to the ROM Board of Governors, visit

STG Holdings Names New CFO


STG Holdings pic
STG Holdings

As CEO of STG Holdings, LLC, in South Kearny, New Jersey, Chris Jamroz is responsible for overseeing the most expansive network of container freight station (CFS) facilities in North America. In the United States alone, STG offers more than 4 million square feet of warehouse space. In addition to managing the company’s day-to-day operations, Chris Jamroz works with the company’s other executives to formulate its strategic planning, including STG’s newly appointed chief financial officer.

In March 2018, STG Holdings named Joe Toczak, an experienced finance executive with a background in manufacturing and distribution, to serve as the company’s new chief financial officer. An MBA graduate of the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University, his specific background in international logistics and experience navigating complicated mergers and acquisitions make him an ideal choice to fill the role. The new hire is part of STG’s ongoing growth strategy, which has included the acquisition of companies such as Freight Force.

STG’s Jamroz Focuses on Investment in CFS Industry

Chris Jamroz
Chris Jamroz

An accomplished senior executive, Chris Jamroz serves as CEO of St. George Logistics Holdings (STG). The South Kearny, New Jersey-based company is the nation’s leader in the container freight station market, doing business in major ports on both the west and the east coast. Toward the close of 2016, Chris Jamroz was interviewed by the publication American Shipper, where he discussed his undervalued industry.

The container freight station, or CFS, industry accounts for about 15 percent of the total container shipping industry, yet it is highly fragmented. And because the logistics involved in the types of less-than-container loads (LTL) shipped by CFS companies are far more complex and exacting than those that obtain for the full-container-load segment of the industry, barriers to entry are often next to insurmountable.

Mr. Jamroz observed that the fragmentation among the CFS industry’s approximately 1,500 firms is not conducive to attracting investment. To add to the problem, the industry’s costs of operation and increasingly complicated logistics are joined by the volatility of world markets.

Mr. Jamroz believes that his industry is ripe for consolidation and a thorough modernization, and has directed STG along these lines in its broad investment strategies.

STG Holdings – Efficiency and Capacity in Container Freight Services


STG Holdingspic
STG Holdings

Overseeing STG Holdings, LLC, Chris Jamroz leads the largest network of independent container freight stations (CFS) across North America. In the United States alone, the firm offers warehousing space spanning four million square feet. With Chris Jamroz’ New Jersey-headquartered firm currently expanding its Chicago regional operations, he is overseeing a process of industry consolidation that has encompassed the merger of St. George Logistics and AZ Corporation, subsidiaries of STG Holdings.

Interviewed in late 2016 by American Shipper, Mr. Jamroz singled out a major issue facing the CFS industry as being “critical underinvestment” that has resulted from industry fragmentation and neglect, with the vast majority of freight moves accomplished through full-container-load. This is problematic because global shipping cyclicality, coupled with excess capacity, has resulted in less-than-containerload freight volumes.

The merger of the two major CFS companies, St. George Logistics and AZ Corporation, enables long-needed technology automation that seamlessly integrates two major distribution networks across a combined 32 facilities nationwide.

Because STG operates as a independent outsourcer, it has a unique ability to optimize efficiency through functioning at full capacity. This contrasts with freight forwarders that have less flexibility when it comes to seasonality and cyclicality in shipping volumes. Its unique pay-per-service system ties business volume directly to operating expenses in ways that protect the bottom line.

Technology Provides St. George Logistics with an Industry Edge

Chris Jamroz
Chris Jamroz

Chris Jamroz is St. George Logistics Holdings CEO and St. George Logistics Executive Chairman. St. George Logistics Holdings is the largest supplier of outsourced container freight station services in North America. The technology overseen by Chris Jamroz at St. George Logistics Holdings is aligned with the needs of customers to reduce errors, minimize costs, and enhance visibility.

St. George Logistics Holdings operates an advanced container freight station platform that utilizes a cargo management system offering auto alerts, enhanced online reporting, and numerous scheduling features. The platform also provides real-time information on shipment tracking and status and supports file data interchange. Additionally, it can interface with a client’s financial system and generate shipping documents, customized reports, automatic billing, and releases.

The distribution operations at St. George Logistics Holdings employ a warehouse management system called Synapse. The extreme functionality of Synapse supports complex distribution models and can handle a broad range of requirements. Synapse benefits St. George Logistics Holdings’ clients by offering the most advanced distribution technology available.