Three Simple Ways to Improve Shareholder Value

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Shareholder Value

An accomplished business executive within the transportation industry, Chris Jamroz is the CEO of St. George Logistics Holdings and the Executive Chairman of St George Logistics (STG Logistics). Possessing more than a decade of leadership experience, Chris Jamroz has a proven track record of increasing shareholder value in both public and private companies.

Many companies want to increase shareholder value to ensure their business continues performing well. However, actually accomplishing this can be difficult due to the many theories relating to the subject. The following are three simple ways to improve shareholder value:

1. Enhance revenue: By improving a company’s market awareness and image, business leaders can help boost the revenue of their business. This naturally improves a company’s shareholder value because companies with higher revenues are more valuable. In addition to changing awareness, a business can also improve their revenue by developing new products or increasing the price of some of their current products; the latter of which may put the company at risk for customer losses.

2. Retain talent: A good business is built with the help of leaders who are experienced and knowledgeable within the field. For this reason, companies should retain their expert talent as much as possible by setting up staff contracts and managing staff performance. Doing so ensures employees stay with a business for a certain amount of time and gives business leaders the chance to promote those individuals who perform well.

3. Protect assets: Every company is at risk of fraud, but owners can boost shareholder value and improve their company’s chance at success by limiting this risk. To accomplish this, leaders should protect a business’ assets by reducing the number of unapproved customer contact list transfers and watching for fraudulent supplier payments.

About St.George Logistics: 
The company provides end-to-end logistics services through an expansive technology-enabled, multi-purpose network of 32 facilities, incorporating over 5 million square feet and comprehensive transport solutions. With operations in every major port, these closed-loop services are able to provide customers with the supply-chain solutions that fit their needs.


TO Canada with Love’s MomenTO

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TO Canada with Love

Chris Jamroz serves as the chief executive officer of St. George Logistics, a leading provider of value added warehousing and logistics services in North America. In addition to that role, Chris Jamroz co-chairs the Canada 150 Advisory Committee.

The Canada 150 Advisory Committee is charged with coordinating activities to celebrate Canada’s 150th Anniversary of Confederation, with the goal of commemorating the country’s history while building engagement among the Canadian population.

Toronto’s yearlong celebration of the anniversary is entitled TO Canada With Love. The celebration includes the MomenTO program, an initiative that makes use of pop-up museums and events to recognize historical people, locations, and events that are significant in Canada’s history. The program also features displays of historical collections from the city of Toronto and hosts an interactive historical timeline on its website. Additional activities include a series of talks focused on Toronto’s history of innovation and a free outdoor film series. The MomenTO timeline and additional resources can be found at