Technology Provides St. George Logistics with an Industry Edge

Chris Jamroz
Chris Jamroz

Chris Jamroz is St. George Logistics Holdings CEO and St. George Logistics Executive Chairman. St. George Logistics Holdings is the largest supplier of outsourced container freight station services in North America. The technology overseen by Chris Jamroz at St. George Logistics Holdings is aligned with the needs of customers to reduce errors, minimize costs, and enhance visibility.

St. George Logistics Holdings operates an advanced container freight station platform that utilizes a cargo management system offering auto alerts, enhanced online reporting, and numerous scheduling features. The platform also provides real-time information on shipment tracking and status and supports file data interchange. Additionally, it can interface with a client’s financial system and generate shipping documents, customized reports, automatic billing, and releases.

The distribution operations at St. George Logistics Holdings employ a warehouse management system called Synapse. The extreme functionality of Synapse supports complex distribution models and can handle a broad range of requirements. Synapse benefits St. George Logistics Holdings’ clients by offering the most advanced distribution technology available.