Differences between Omnichannel and Multichannel Commerce

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Omnichannel and Multichannel
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Chris Jamroz is an accomplished corporate executive who specializes in currency logistics on a global scale. A former investment banker at J.P. Morgan, Chris Jamroz currently provides leadership in the sector as the CEO of St. George Logistics Holdings and board director at CMS Info Systems.

CMS Info Systems provides diverse logistics services that range from distribution and inventory management to transportation solutions and omnichannel commerce.

Omnichannel commerce is a customer service and sales methodology in which the customer is provided with a seamless and high quality buying experience from a PC or through a mobile device. A type of multichannel approach, omnichannel commerce enables a customer to receive consistent information and a uniform experience from any point of contact. Points of contact, which include in-person communication, email, phone communication, social media, and others, provide the customer multiple channels to access information. Moreover, points of contact are integrated on the back end to ensure consistent and accurate information is provided to customers at all times.