TO Canada with Love’s MomenTO

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TO Canada with Love

Chris Jamroz serves as the chief executive officer of St. George Logistics, a leading provider of value added warehousing and logistics services in North America. In addition to that role, Chris Jamroz co-chairs the Canada 150 Advisory Committee.

The Canada 150 Advisory Committee is charged with coordinating activities to celebrate Canada’s 150th Anniversary of Confederation, with the goal of commemorating the country’s history while building engagement among the Canadian population.

Toronto’s yearlong celebration of the anniversary is entitled TO Canada With Love. The celebration includes the MomenTO program, an initiative that makes use of pop-up museums and events to recognize historical people, locations, and events that are significant in Canada’s history. The program also features displays of historical collections from the city of Toronto and hosts an interactive historical timeline on its website. Additional activities include a series of talks focused on Toronto’s history of innovation and a free outdoor film series. The MomenTO timeline and additional resources can be found at