Chris Jamroz’s Appointment to the ROM Board of Governors

Chris Jamroz
Chris Jamroz

The CEO of St. George Logistics Holdings and the executive chairman of St. George Logistics, Chris Jamroz brings more than 15 years of leadership experience to the New Jersey-based company, where he oversees the largest network of independent container freight station facilities. Outside of his professional endeavors, Chris Jamroz supports the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), where he accepted an appointment to its board of governors in March 2017.

A federally incorporated private sector group, the ROM Board of Governors maintains the museum’s long-term financial stability and provides management for financial assets. In addition, it facilitates the museum’s growth. The board members are dedicated volunteers committed to ROM’s well-being.

Previously, Jamroz served on the museum’s board of trustees from 2010 to 2016, during which time he applied his executive and international talents. ROM Governors president Susan Horvath was pleased to learn of the addition of Jamroz to the board of governors, citing his generous contributions and time commitment.

ROM is among the world’s leading natural history and world culture museums, featuring more than art, archeology, and natural science galleries. Well-regarded around the world, the museum focuses on research and the communication of natural history and world cultures.

To learn more about Jamroz’s appointment to the ROM Board of Governors, visit


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